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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers from Our Knowledgeable Fort Worth Lawyers

When you are facing a legal matter, you have a number of questions. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys not only answer a number of frequently asked questions, but we offer personalized advice when you need it most.

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I’ve been arrested. What happens next?

If you find yourself in jail, a bail bond may be necessary to get you back home. When ordering your bond, you can hire a skilled attorney from Jerry Loftin & Associates, as we are the only firm in Fort Worth that also has a bail bond agency. Having a lawyer on your side can help protect your rights throughout every step of the criminal process.

How can I protect myself after an arrest?

You do have rights. Known as your Miranda Rights, these include the right to not incriminate yourself, the right to remain silent, and, most importantly, the right to have a lawyer present for any questioning. This, in particular, can help make sure that you do not accidentally say something that can be later used against you.

My spouse and I are thinking about a divorce. What is the process?

If you and your spouse no longer get along, a divorce may be your best option. Filing a petition, answer, and other documents, including a restraining order in cases of abuse, is best handled through an attorney. This can help you avoid common or uncommon mistakes, as well as save you the time and stress. Whether both spouses can come to an agreement or if your divorce is hotly contested, there are legal options, including mediation and going to court.

Depending on how complex your matter is, how many assets you own, or if you have children, your divorce can take anywhere from 60 days to over a year to settle.

What happens if I am being sued for a civil matter?

Being sued for issues related to breach of contract, when someone is seeking monetary damages, or any related issues, can be stressful. While small claims court does not require an attorney, as it deals with sums less than $10,000, for anything seen before a judge in state or federal court, it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer. We can guide you through the entire process, making sure that you are well-protected throughout your matter.

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