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Fraud crimes have become some of the most widely-committed unlawful acts. In short, fraud is intentionally deceiving a victim with the intent to defraud them for personal gain. This deception can come in written form, by verbal statement, or any other form of deliberate misrepresentation.

When you are charged with fraud, you could be facing serious penalties from the justice system, making the legal knowledge of a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney vital to the preservation of your case. At Jerry Loftin & Associates, our attorneys have assisted clients through numerous theft crimes, including a variety of fraud cases in their more than 65 years of experience. Trust your case to a legal team with the understanding of what your charges mean to your life and your freedoms.

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Types of Fraud

The term “fraud” can be applied to a large number of actions, all of which have deceiving another for personal gain as their motive. Fraud laws also continue to expand to encompass more actions as the crime evolves and perpetrators find new methods of defrauding their victims.

We may be able to assist you with many types of fraud charges, including:

  • Identity fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Forgery
  • Credit card fraud
  • Telemarketing/mail/email fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Tax fraud

The penalties for fraud can vary widely in Texas, but the most common factor depends on the nature and value of what was fraudulently obtained. The status of the victim also plays a role in the nature of your charges (tax fraud carries some of the heaviest penalties of any fraud crime). Because the laws regarding fraud can be complex when applied to your case, it is highly advised you retain the legal counsel of a skilled attorney from our firm before proceeding with your case.

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