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Indecent Exposure in Fort Worth

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The crime of indecent exposure is when someone willfully exposes their genitals or anus to another with the purpose of offending them or achieving sexual gratification. The crime is often compared with “public lewdness,” which essentially is having sex in public.

Both of these sex crimes can carry serious charges as well as legal penalties. You will likely face serious prosecution that will work to convict you, making the legal counsel of an experienced Fort Worth criminal defense attorney crucial to your case. At Jerry Loftin & Associates, we have the experience and skill you need to help protect you from the harshness of the criminal justice system. We have proudly served the Fort Worth community since 1970, combining more than 65 years of legal practice experience. Attorney Trent Loftin has even been recognized for his service and acumen by being named the Top Criminal Attorney in Fort Worth by Fort Worth Texas Magazine from 2008 to 2012.

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What Does a Conviction Mean?

If you are convicted of indecent exposure, the penalties could be potentially life-changing. Indecent exposure is considered a Class B misdemeanor in Texas for a first offense, but could be elevated in instances of repeat offenses or when the victim is a minor.

A Class B misdemeanor in Texas can face:

  • Up to 180 days in jail
  • A fine of up to $2,000

In addition to a permanent criminal record, those who are convicted of a second or subsequent offense of indecent exposure are required to register as a sex offender, which further restricts their ability to pursue employment, as well as forbids them from living in certain locations, such as near schools or daycare centers.

If you wish to avoid these consequences, do not hesitate to contact Jerry Loftin & Associates today and let us fight to protect your rights and freedoms!

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