Probation Violation Defense in Fort Worth

Accused of Violating the Terms of Your Probation?

There are a few cases where a person who is found guilty is able to avoid going to jail and given probation in lieu of prison time or been granted leniency to finish your prison sentence on parole because of good behavior. In these cases, you are given a second chance to prove that you are of good ethical behavior and that you are a changed person. It is very important that if you have been placed on probation or secured an early release that you follow the terms you were given closely.

If you have recently been accused of breaking the terms of your probation, it is vital that you contact a Fort Worth probation violation defense attorney.

Understanding the Terms of Probation

Once you have been placed on probation, the judge will hand you specific terms which you must follow. In most cases, are you are allowed to return to your home and live with some freedom, so long as you comply with these terms. If you are found to be violating your probation, you could face serious consequences such as returning to or going to jail.

The terms of probation typically include the following:

  • Regularly reporting to a probation officer
  • Not using any illegal substances or alcohol
  • Completing education or keeping employment
  • Remaining within a certain geographical location
  • Avoiding any new criminal charges or convictions

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