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Murder is considered the most serious crime in the United States. People charged with murder are often judged by the public to be guilty, before ever stepping foot in a courtroom. If you were arrested and charged with murder in Texas, you must obtain experienced legal representation from a skilled defense lawyer.

At Jerry Loftin & Associates, we have earned a reputation throughout Texas for providing aggressive homicide defense. As a former prosecutor, our Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer understands how the prosecution with approach your case, giving you an advantage in the courtroom. With more than 65 years of collective experience, we have a thorough understanding of Texas law to help you navigate through the complexities of your case.

Murder Penalties

There are two main types of murder charges in Texas: capital murder and (simple) murder.

Capital murder is considered the killing of a police officer or fireman while acting in their official duties, committing murder in the course of committing a felony, hiring someone to commit homicide, or killing someone while escaping, or attempting to escape, a penal institution. A person convicted of capital murder can be punished by life imprisonment without parole or by death.

Murder is knowing and intentionally causing the death of another person, or intending to cause serious bodily injury and commits an act dangerous to human life that causes death to another person. An individual convicted of murder is guilty of first-degree murder, which is punishable by a prison sentence between five and 99 years, or life in prison.

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Murder charges are often complex; however, having the best representation on your side can help you either get your charges reduced, or your entire case dismissed entirely. Our Fort Worth criminal defense team can investigate your case and collect the evidence necessary to develop an effective and personalized defense strategy. Let us obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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