Juvenile Crimes in Fort Worth, TX

Aggressive Legal Defense For Juvenile Offenses

If your child has recently been arrested for a crime, their future is on the line and you must take rapid action to defend their rights and their future. You will need to hire a Fort Worth juvenile crime lawyer who has a wealth of knowledge and can competently defend the most complex cases. However, with so many different criminal defense attorneys in Texas, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

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Protecting Your Child's Future

Juvenile cases can carry very serious consequences if there is a conviction, which may include time in a detention center with a possibility for years in prison at a later time. Our goal is to work towards a lesser penalty, such as probation or commitment to a diversion product. Whenever possible, we aim to get an acquittal at trial or have the charges dismissed completely. There are many arguments which can be presented in court about giving a child another chance and we fight aggressively for their best interest.

Can Police Question a Minor Without Parents in Texas?

In Texas, the police can question a minor without the parents present and do not have to get permission from the parents before questioning the child. Children can also refuse to be questioned by the police and can also request a lawyer or a parent be present during the questioning.

Examples of Common Juvenile Offenses

The types of penalties for juvenile crimes can vary greatly depending on the exact offense. Juveniles who are accused of minor crimes are often given light punishment, such as mandatory rehabilitation or community service. Other times, when a juvenile is accused of a more serious crime, they could be faced with a serious sentence or be tried as an adult.

There are many different offenses which a minor could be arrested for, such as:

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