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Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Fort Worth

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Some controlled dangerous substances require additional devices in order to allow you to consume them. In an attempt to help curb the spread of these substances, the state of Texas has also outlawed the possession of these devices, called drug paraphernalia. While possession of these objects is not punished as severely as other drug crime charges, being convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia can still land you some serious penalties.

When you are facing drug paraphernalia or any other type of charge related to controlled dangerous substances, you should not hesitate to contact a skilled Fort Worth drug crimes attorney. At Jerry Loftin & Associates, Attorney Trent Loftin has helped numerous clients through their drug-related charges and may be able to help you as well. His experience and legal acumen earned him recognition as the top criminal attorney in Fort Worth by Fort Worth Texas Magazine between the years of 2008-2012.

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Common Drug Paraphernalia

Lots of things can be considered to be drug paraphernalia, but many of them are also everyday household items. Thus, the onus then goes on the prosecutor to prove that your intent in possessing these objects was for drug consumption or distribution in order to obtain a guilty verdict.

Some common drug paraphernalia can include:

  • Syringes
  • Rolling papers
  • Small measuring spoons
  • Smoking pipes or bongs
  • Roach clips
  • Small mirrors
  • Razor blades

As you can see, none of these things are illegal for possession by the common consumer, but possessing them with the proven intent of drug consumption or selling them for drug consumption is illegal. Generally, these are misdemeanor charges, but selling them to a minor or doing so on school property is considered a felony, making for much more serious charges.

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